Cannabis – Gods Plant?

Cannabis – Gods Plant?

Cannabis – Gods Plant?

I had a long-lasting argument with my father
Whether Cannabis is a Gods Plant

He is sure that it isn’t, and he perceives it the same way as all other drugs
While I disagree and refer to all the studies of its benefits

One day he prayed to God asking him

To show who is right between the two of us
He asked to show both of us a clear sign about it

Shortly after he did it I received a sign
Two good news that I couldn’t expect

But he refused to accept it
And continued arguing with me
Soon after this I was having a medical operation

I was mentioning it earlier
He was following me there and was waiting near while it was done

When I woke up from anesthesia
At the same moment nurse started talking to me:

Trust me, I am God’s Child
People will disbelieve you

Don’t argue with them
Don’t waste your time

Answer them only one thing
The Word of God
She repeated that too many people will disbelieve me
And that I shouldn’t argue with them anymore

She quoted the verse
It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone
But by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God
Matthew 4:4

When I left the room with the nurse
My father heard everything that happened

He told me that he has received his sign too
But when we reached home, he changed his mind

And continued arguing with me
At that moment I thought that he doesn’t listen to God

And that demon has control over him
I desperately was looking for ways to help him
I wanted the demon to leave him
I wanted to stop the infinite arguments

But they never ended
I wasn’t smoking cannabis for quite long

I stopped since the New Year by myself
As I was reading Bible

I was getting closer to the God
And I didn’t want him to say that this is all because of cannabis

So I naturally stopped consuming it by myself
Despite my health was getting worse because of it

My heart rate in a calm state was raising with every day
It was above 100 and raised

Until January 13 when my heart rate was already 180 in a calm state
It was like this for the whole day

And when I was walking out my pug – doob
I felt that my conscious jumped out of my legs

I finally got some cannabis and my heart rate dropped
From 180 to 90
I felt myself good

I smoked only once and while I was out of my room
My father has stolen the rest of the cannabis

I was disappointed by this and after this, I started to think
That my father is a Satan himself

That was the moment when I got a nervous collapse
I started to think evil is around me

Because I couldn’t expect such behavior from my father
He was my closest friend, I trusted him, he was very important to me

I thought that we are both Two Witnesses from the Book of Revelation
But the infinite arguments, ignoring my health issues, and steal have fully beaten me

At the same time I was having issues with my 10 years relationships
I have worried much about it for a long time

I wasn’t leaving myself any day offs & rest
Whenever I was wakened up I was doing something

I am a freelancer and I just stopped caring about my rest
I always worked

All this time, cannabis was the help that allowed me to live in such a style
I smoked a lot, more & more as problems were adding

But since the New Year, I dropped it by myself
As I was reading Bible I felt that I have a special effect of it

So I didn’t smoke for around 2 weeks

So all these factors together made nervous collapse

I suddenly dropped smoking cannabis from a lot to zero
I was in a long depression because of my relationships
I was fully beaten because of the betrayal of my own father
And I wasn’t resting anytime
Even when I dropped cannabis

It resulted in a quick & terrific change in my perception
First, I thought that my father is Satan himself

Then I started to think that my girlfriend was evil
Then I thought that my whole family tries to poison me

I was sure that everyone is against me
And I had many adventures

Khal Andre de Bonk

2x BA, 2x MA, Erasmus+
Automation God (RPA, Google Sheets, Excel)

Khal Andre de Bonk

2x BA, 2x MA, Erasmus+
Automation Dev (RPA, Google Sheets, Excel)

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