Coronavirus and Lockdown EXPLAINED | WORLD CHANGES 2020

Khal Andre de Bonk – 2020 Philosopher discusses Coronavirus (COVID-19), World Lockdown, and its effect on global development. Khalasar Discussion.

Comparing equal damage of Corona for all the time vs. tobacco & alcohol for one week. The boost in remote education, remote work, online communication, voice cleaning software.

The video was recorded using RTX Voice. Nvidia application, by default, comes with a low priority process that caused this terrible sound during the recording. I informed Nvidia about this, but haven’t seen a fix for this.

In the task manager, you can set the Nvidia RTX Voice process higher, it much helps. However, if PC is running some hard application (for example, running almost any game), the RTX voice will make the problems hearable in the video.

In 2020 i5 CPUs are nothing but pain, completely bottlenecking the comfortable usage. PC or laptops with weak CPUs might face the same problems.

Gaming laptops with i5 CPUs shouldn’t exist.

On the other hand, I have terrible experience using 5000$ laptop from Dream Machines bought at Komputronik that for more than one year doesn’t return money for selling a defected laptop: https://420.bible/doob1

Khal Andre de Bonk

2x BA, 2x MA, Erasmus+
Automation God (RPA, Google Sheets, Excel)

Khal Andre de Bonk

2x BA, 2x MA, Erasmus+
Automation Dev (RPA, Google Sheets, Excel)

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