I had a nervous collapse

I had a nervous collapse

My whole world turned upside down within a few days

When something happened, and I was thinking about it
I thought about the worst possible scenario and believed it was true

My life turned into a movie with a terrifying scenario
Let me tell it in detail

One day I had an important medical operation

When I woke up from anesthesia
At the same moment nurse started talking to me:

Trust me, I am God’s Child
People will disbelieve you

Don’t argue with them
Don’t waste your time

Answer them only one thing
The Word of God

Holy Bible

She repeated that too many people will disbelieve me
And that I shouldn’t argue with them anymore

She quoted the verse:
It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone
But by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God
Matthew 4:4

It had a perfect sense for me that time

At that moment I believed that I am one of
Two witnesses from the Book of Revelation

Also called the
Apocalypse of John
Revelation to John or
Revelation from Jesus Christ

The final book of the New Testament
And consequently is also the final book of the Holy Bible
The Most Epic

And I thought my father to be the second witness

But soon after the event with the nurse, I started to question that

And ended up thinking that he is Satan himself
I remembered everything wrong what he did in his life

I thought my home was a cage built for me by evil forces!

I had a stomach ache that lasted for several months

So I decided that my family was poisoning me
Using a Novichok – a highly toxic nerve agent

I believed that nothing can kill me
So they experimented with it on me

It was because of the press I read previously
My brain mixed up

Alexei Navalny is a Russian opposition leader

In those days, the media was full of news about how he was poisoned in the airplane by the gov with Novichok

And earlier I read about the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal

Poisoned by Novichok in British city Salisbury in 2018

I ended believing that everyone whom I knew was my enemy working for FSS
Federal Security Service – it is like the Russian FBI

I believed that everyone in my house worked for FSS
And their mission was to control me

Because they couldn’t kill me
But they could poison & watch me

I thought that I have a fake family playing the role on full-time job
That my house is an advanced prison building built for me

And that my family actually have other lives
That they are being paid well for torturing me

I thought they hate Ukraine and they are actually Russians

My father previously worked as a TV journalist
But then he stopped, and he had a friend from SSU

Security Service of Ukraine – like Ukrainian FBI
Since our SSU is corrupted a lot and partners with Russia

I decided that my father must be one of the head of Russian FSS in Ukraine

My mother works in the city archive and studied History

So I decided that she actually destroys important Ukrainian documents in favor of Russia

Russia is always trying to rewrite history, fake the facts and steal our Ukrainian History
I thought my mother was working on them

My grandmother was working as a laboratory doctor at mental hospital

And I decided that she was coordinating my poisoning and mental pressure on me

My brother learns IT
And I decided that he was spywaring my PC with his programs that he asked me to test
Everyone seemed my enemy

And of course, I thought that my girlfriend with whom we have been 10 years together was also my enemy

I thought she was working on FSS, spying on me & poisoning

I thought all my family had a conspiracy against me
That they are coordinating with each other to destroy me

Khal Andre de Bonk 2x BA, 2x MA, Erasmus+Automation God (RPA, Google Sheets, Excel)
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